Asma Javeri is Indus Valley School of Architecture and Design's latest Communication and Design graduate you should have your eyes on. With a major in graphic design and a minor in illustration her work can be seen almost anywhere from fashion week to musicians albums. To get to know the woman behind the art we asked Asma a bit about her work.
Once upon a Hypochondriac by Asma Javeri
The Karachi Voice: As an artist what inspires you?
Asma Javeri: Inspiration is everywhere; yes as cliched as that sounds, that really is the case. I mean a random wrapper on the floor could give you an idea to make something or trigger some visual in your head but I suppose the human body, medicine, emotions and animals inspire me the most. 
The Karachi Voice: Your work with Sania Masktaiya was pretty awesome how was that experience?
Asma Javeri: That was a lot of fun; short lived fun haha. I used to totally bitch out designers who charge ten times the price for these prints and stuff but after working with Sania, I can say that each piece had to be treated like a painting, a proper canvas piece; so its more like you're wearing art and its a really fun project to work on; however, being on the more conceptual side when it comes to art and design, working for a textile place was becoming a little monotonous so I decided to switch back to my field. Nonetheless, it was definitely a learning experience and it is actually something I would love to do on the side; making prints that is.

The Karachi Voice: What's it like to see your work on the runway at fashion week?
Asma Javeri: I'm going to sound like a stupid excited child but I honestly couldn't stop grinning. It was awesome, so see all the doodles walking up down the ramp, never really thought I could apply my illustrations to something like that but really it was an awesome feeling. Still now when I walk into Sania's store and see how shes used those doodles in such a yummy manner it makes me super happy. Secretly that store is my 'self-esteem'uplifting-place-to-go' when I'm feeling a little pooped haha. But totally grateful for Sania and Umair, specially because Sania's so open to experimenting with new ideas that the creativity just spills all over naturally.

Asma Javeri's illustrations for Sania Maskatiya S/S 2013

Pakistan Fashion Week 2013
The Karachi Voice: Your work is on quite a few albums for musicians; fill us in on who all exactly you've worked with?
Asma Javeri: I have worked with Haamid Rahim aka Dynoman , Talal Qureshi , Sanaya Ardeshir (Sandunes)  and Adam Partirdge (Atropolis) and I think its my favorite kind of projects to do; there's just so much freedom and good music to go with it that the experience has always been exciting. 
Album Art for Sanddunes
Album Art for Adam Partridge
Album Art for Dynoman
The Karachi Voice: What do you think of the art scene in Pakistan?
Asma Javeri: There is so much talent, and there are so many more people entering the art scene, I'm very excited about it progressing a lot more in the coming years. There are art shows and exhibitions almost every week now which is a great thing.
Check out more of Asma's work on her Bechance Profile


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